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May 1, 2015, my first PL meet:
I weighed 86.7kg and lifted a total of 550kg, for a Wilks coefficient of 358.11

March 4, 2017, my second meet:
I weighed 81.2kg and lifted a total of 580kg, for a Wilks coefficient of 377.64

So, in Freedom Units, I weighed ten pounds less and picked up 67 pounds more; there's some haziness on my part as to what my top deadlift was - i seem to have 581# stuck in my brain, but because that's 264kg, it's not a valid weight; I would have had to either go with 260, 262.5 or 265, any of which would be both a huge meet PR, and the more I think about it, the more I think I went with 265, but need to check the official meet paperwork (which I will need to do in order to file my state record application anyway).

weigh-in: 82.2kg / lift morning: 86kg

squat: 170kg
bench: 115kg
dead: 230kg*

squat: 187.5kg*
bench: 127.5kg*
dead: 250kg*

squat: 190kg*
bench: 130kg (no lift; couldn't get it all the way to lockout)
dead: 265kg*

These were all competition PRs for me (bench press +2.5kg, squat +2.5kg, deadlift +25kg), and that deadlift was a lifetime PR.

* = state record

The day's highlight, after going 8/9 (only missed my top bench attempt, which was 1.5lb over my projected max, at 286.6lb), was, of course, that deadlift (not shown: me nearly fainting after setting the bar down (breathe, you idiot!) and then celebrating after seeing I'd gotten the signal for a good lift.[1] ):

[1] after absolutely slaying my 2nd deadlift attempt, I may or may not have hugged my coach hard enough to feel her back pop (she set across-the-board PRs in all three lifts and her total on the day as well, and went 9/9)
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