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Actual, official-type progress.

The ten-week weigh-in at work was this morning. For the first time in I have no idea how long, fully clothed (sans shoes), I was under 170.

SW: 180.3 (1/29)
CW: 169.5 (4/9)
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So, in keeping with the "shake things up, try to kick Leonidas' ass at the gym" thing... progress.

Pushups: 50 is still doable (no change)
Pullups: 10-12, 3 sets (not great, but better)
Clean & Jerk: 50 @ 25# in each hand (the last three reps were shaky, but it's just the deltoids that are bitching about it)
Floor Wipes: Faked it with a 50# dumbell, and my lower back said "fuck you" after ~15 reps.
Deadlift: 50 @ 125# - no problem, 30 @ 145# - work, but not awful. I don't think the bar on the machine I use gets low enough to give the full range of motion.
Box Jump: No decent surrogate tried yet, just did machine squats (10 @ 240#, 25 @ 180#)

Plus a bunch of crunches, machine bench press, and elliptical... then I played softball. :-/

My goal is to be able to do the full "300" thing in a reasonable time by my birthday. Also, need to find out (as I said to [ profile] donwaughesq yesterday) whether or not the roller hockey rink in the park near my house is equipped with people who know what they're doing, and see if I can get back in the swing of things there. My blades feel neglected, and, hell... the NHL playffs start next week.

Leonidas, meet Lord Stanley.


In shit that doesn't involve grunting and sweating, I'm feeling a little bit of malaise and ennui as far as World of Warcraft is concerned; [ profile] mighty_man & Baal have picked up Command & Conquer 3, which is the latest installment in our favorite gaming franchise (and an excellent use of one of those Best Buy gift certs I got for XMS and haven't utilized yet).

Work has been all sorts of exciting this week, and not always in the good way. Plus, K has been putting in a metric fuckton of OT and that's been kicking our ass.

Also, our "date night" got hamstrung by a compelling but ultimately fruitless infestation by a vacuum cleaner salesman. The TriStar looks really, really cool, and it demonstrated really well, but something with four digits to the left of the decimal is excessive as an appliance, and just ain't in our budget, especially with the washing machine making ominous noises, and erratic behavior on the part of both household computers lately.


If I make it to The Castle tonight, it's the one day of the year that my shirt* is absolutely apropos, so deciding what to wear is easy. :-)


Not a whole lot else comes to mind to report, beyond TGIMfF.

* "Have you Nailed your Messiah today?"
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This has nothing to do with swashbuckling feminine hygeine products. Cavalorn and Marchenland have that link if you're so inclined.

So, in the course of blowing my week off in the service of home repair, gardening, and general physical maintenance, I had a physical, with a followup to get my blood drawn for this, that, and the other.

This and that looked great...
- Total cholesterol: 158 [<200 is recommended]
- LDL: 62 [<100]
- HDL: 40
- LDL:HDL: ~1.5:1 [<5:1]

The other... not so much.
- Triglycerides: 279 [<150]

Per Wikipedia:

Reducing triglyceride levels
Cardiovascular exercise and low-moderate carbohydrate diets containing essential fatty acid are recommended for reducing triglyceride levels. When these fail, fish oils, fibrate drugs, niacin, and some statins are registered for reducing triglyceride levels. Prior alcohol intake can cause elevated levels of triglycerides, and reducing alcohol intake is routinely recommended in patients with high triglyceride levels. [emphasis mine]

I'll file this under "Well, no shit." [Part of me is morbidly curious as to what my workup during the dark days in Pennsyltucky would have looked like.]

So, it's pushups instead of hitting The 'Pine for yours truly from here on out.
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