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Had a marvelous extended weekend (the early rundown is here). Monday, my "day off" (since I'm working half a day this coming Saturday before helping to destroybuild crap at GMBAS) was spent doing yardwork, going to lunch with some of K's former coworkers, taking a much-needed nap, and then playing some video games & watching the only Game 7 of the opening round of the NHL playoffs.

Said playoffs resume on Wednesday, with Buffalo laying the smack down on another team from the NYC area. Hell, if the Sabres & Devils advance, Buffalo can go for the trifecta when it comes to putting the screws to The City (Islanders, Rangers, Devils). Hey, unlike the NFL, the Islanders & Rangers actually play in New York. Not that this will help them from Barney Rubble's Electric Toupee (alternately, the Rampaging Banana Slug).

Classy move by the team on Friday - bringing out the old-school Blue & Gold with the Buffalo Rampant and Crossed Sabres - for the first home-ice opportunity to eliminate a playoff opponent since 2001.
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Puttin' on the Foil, Coach! Eddie Shore!

Man, I hope we get a feed of Saturday night's rematch... this was the sort of passion and excitement that divisional games all had when I was a kid, developing my love for the game.
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