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What we know:
- House of Representatives[1] did not pass the latest version of the bailout plan, at least as of this writing
- $700b figure was essentially pulled out of Secretary Paulson's ass[2]

What I think:
- GOOD. Engage in risky behavior, THERE IS RISK OF FAILURE INVOLVED. There's a fucking news flash. Being insulated from risk in the face of endemic, systemic stupidity and avarice is how we got here in the first place as an economy/society (not to mention why so many otherwise unfit individuals survive to adulthood and procreate, but that's another rant altogether).
- Let the market "correct." If a whole lot of businesses that were poorly-managed and directed fuck the dog, that is, more or less, what they deserve. Apparently, my secondary brick-and-mortar bank (Wachovia) is being bought out by CitiGroup today, because they did some dumb shit. My credit union isn't, because it didn't. Amazing how that works.
- There's a lot of common-sense talk going around by, you know, people who aren't highly-paid Washington or Wall Street suits about "Maybe if you fixed the fairly mundane root of the problem (ie: mortgage fraud, questionable lending practices, sketchy financial instruments, etc), and not the gaudy burning plane crash ass end of it, you might actually do some good."

Of course, that doesn't make for good theater, even if it's the smart fucking thing to do.

From an IM conversation with a colleague:
Him: We're talking about financial collapse that would make the Great Depression look minor by comparison. We would never fully recover. The US would no longer be a financial superpower, the Euro would replace the dollar as the reserve currency for the world. The free market needs regulation. Nobody who knows anything about economics would argue otherwise. This is extreme regulation, but it's necessary because it wasn't regulated enough to begin with.

I'm not sure where to even begin refuting all of those points. Let's just say he and I disagree about as comprehensively on this topic as possible. I am fundamentally ambivalent about the US' remaining as a financial superpower, or the continued use of the USD as the coin of the realm; the Europeans are also, to my understanding, trying to insulate themselves and their market structures from their own misbegotten forays into the shitty mortgage-backed securities and credit default swap insurance businesses.


[2] Seriously, I'm not making that shit up about them making that shit up. In fact, some of the most basic details, including the $700 billion figure Treasury would use to buy up bad debt, are fuzzy. "It's not based on any particular data point," a Treasury spokeswoman told Tuesday. "We just wanted to choose a really large number." Source:
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So, how about the Fed offering to throw itself (and, by extension, the American taxpayers) on that grenade, huh? Man, that gives me some warm fucking fuzzies. Makes me wish I were an incompetent, avaricious captain of industry, so I could engage in risky behavior and not get burned at the stake when the consequences caught up to me and the larger economy. Their fuckup, their bill. Isn't that how the free market works? Ahh, I love the scent of artificial naivete in the morning. It smells like... well, cheap hot cocoa, actually.

If you are still undecided about which candidate's tax plan you want to see implemented, allow me to make a none-too-subtle suggestion: The candidate who is going to lower your taxes while increasing the tax burden on the assholes who created this bullshit.

For the slow folks in the audience, that's the guy with (D)-IL next to his name on the Senate roster and the running mate who isn't actively impeding a state investigation into illegal activities by having folks ignore subpoenas.
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[Fitness-related, but viewable to all]

MFT, the guy behind Gym Jones, from whom I cadge a fair amount of my workout philosophy, is occasionally so full of shit he squeaks going into a turn, as far as I'm concerned. Not often, but one of his precepts is simply not applicable to the vast majority of athletes - that training ought to be undertaken to provide peak performance at exactly the time it's needed.

In his post-Olympics essay, among a lot of stuff I genuinely agree with, was this: "Serious Athletes plan every aspect of their lives to ensure that they peak for that special event. To ensure that they are at the pinnacle of their career when they compete on the world’s stage."

Admittedly, I am not a "serious athlete." I'm a guy who wants to be in good shape; strong in useful ways, healthy, and all that sort of thing. I don't compete against anyone but myself, every day.

But, fundamentally, I have a different approach: Fitness should mean you're ready to perform at or near your peak any time you need to. Call it the Fireman Philosophy - those guys may be called on to do maximum effort any time, any day. "Peak performance at exactly the time it's needed" in the real world means you're ready to go Right Now if a storm hits, or a car crashes, or a mugger pulls a knife.

You can't schedule life, you can simply be ready to take it on.
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I haven't seen the film Noise, but merely watching the preview, [ profile] aishlynn turned to me and said, "No. Don't even think about it."

"It" would be my oft-stated desires to do something very much akin to what Noise's protagonist, and the real-life person he was based on - namely, beat the living fuck out of cars whose alarms go off for an extended period, and, once finished with that, their owners.

It appears that this isn't merely my innate temper and wrathfulness being expressed, it's an expression of deeply rooted self-preservation instincts and reactions.

If exposures are intermittent or rare, the body has the chance to return to normal. But if the exposure is unrelenting, the body doesn't have a chance to calm down, and blood pressure and heart rate may remain elevated, Hagler explains. That's why what seems like a mere annoyance can actually have long-term health effects. "There is no question that people who live near a busy roadway are experiencing effects on their blood pressure," says Hagler.

As Bean attests, once you tune into the din, it's hard to tune out again. "It's like an allergy -- once you get sensitized to one of these things then they all bother you, and then each one builds on the other," he says. And what's a mere nuisance to one person is another's bête noire. "There is no evidence that noise causes mental illness itself, but there is little doubt that it may accelerate or intensify some kind of mental disorders," explains Hagler. He adds that symptoms of exposure to noise pollution include anxiety, nervousness, nausea, headaches, emotional instability, argumentativeness and changes in mood. No wonder excessive noise has been used as a form of torture.


And people wonder why I bitch about the hideous fucking music coming from the next cubicle over all goddamned day....
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(courtesy of [ profile] ikilled007)

And some people wonder why I think the vast majority of my fellow citizens are fucking morons, capable of any stupidity (political, personal, and more).

I mean, just look at this woman. Strident, flag-waving, draped-in-righteousness... these people think they're absolutely, unquestionably, beyond a shadow of a doubt right. These are the people who think GWB is doing a great job (independent of the fact that they're from Texas; there are people like this in every state in the union, they just seem to grow 'em bigger, louder, and dumber in Texas). These are the people Tom Tancredo was speaking to before sane, rational reality stepped up and said, "Dude, you're a fucking asshat, sit down and shut the fuck up."
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Those of you who've been around may recall the incident in December 2004 when Kim's car was broken into while she was stopped in traffic by a notorious smash-and-grab thief, a repeat offender and known scumbag.

They caught the fucker a couple weeks later. He's been locked up since.

The New Orleans District Attorney called us a couple weeks ago, to get Kim out there to testify in court. The intent was to add to his life sentence the impossibility of parole.

So, yesterday, in front of a judge and a jury of neither his peers nor hers (a half-dozen elderly black folks), badgered by the compleat picture of the pompous public defender (jovial, condescending, oversized, regal of hair and loud of suit), Kim had to relive one of the most awful events of her life.

... and then have the jury think she was lying, and find the guy not guilty.

Yes, I absolutely think the verdict was about race. When a desperate black criminal preys on a white woman, and she picks him out of a lineup and says "That's the motherfucker who was half-in my car, stealing my stuff, less than a foot away from me," of course she's lying and has pre-judged him.

When Kim told me this, we were both glad I wasn't present at the trial, because I would have had to be restrained. I would have tied to kick the shit out of the defendant, his lawyer, and every single one of those bigoted, dishonest, self-serving fucks in the jury.

Tyrone Conner, you subhuman sack of shit, may you rot in prison until you choke on a deserved shiv.
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So, there's a whole constellation of electoral fuckery to be bandied about today. Get comfy.

Both national parties are so full of shit that they squeak going into a turn - this whole circus of "caucuses" and "delegates" and the rest of it is simply a way to make sure that the public doesn't actually get the candidate it wants, it gets the candidate its party wants. The Democrats are marginally less assholish about this, going with a proportional distribution of delegates, as opposed to the Republicans' winner-take-all state races (if the Electoral College would follow the Dem's model, I'd have fewer complaints about it, but it should be dismantled and burned to heat the boiling oil Karl Rove and Ann Coulter need to be immersed in).

Of course, each national party has its own internal politics, carping on shit like "electability" at the expense of such trivial things as "competence." Don't even get me started on the legally-sanctioned mass disenfranchisement - the fact that the national parties got their high-handed knickers in a twist when states wanted to move their primaries up to when they might matter and saying "you don't count, don't campaign there." Thanks, assholes, way to give "of the people, by the people, for the people" a nice fucking kick in the eye.

As a Dem-leaning Independent, I want to vote *for* Obama; otherwise, I'm merely voting *against* someone who I think would be the worse alternative.

The math looks like this in my head:

Obama > any GOP candidate

Clinton =?= McCain =?= Ron Paul

In 2000, it would have been McCain > Clinton, but he's lost a lot of credibility due to his continual capitulation to the Bush administration's policies and talking points; "Straight Talk Express," my ass. I have disliked HC since her days as a NY Senator - I believe the phrase I used at the time was "carpetbagging bitch," because, as a NY state native, seeing her waltz in and assume to know what was best and how to represent us was presumptuous; I've still got enough of my "New York Is More Than Just The Fucking City" attitude to go around; also, her inability to own up to voting to authorize Bush's War in any kind of substantial way - sorry, lady, but "if I knew then what I know now" is a fucking cop-out, and we all knew it was bullshit during the run-up; you voted that way to protect your own ass, and now you get to live with it. Paul has no fucking shot, and would be my second choice if some of his social issue positions weren't diametrically opposed to my own.

Clinton > any GOP other candidate, because they're all fucking insane, social conservatives, or both

Yeah, it's an election year.
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I have nothing to say that's going to be pleasant for most folks to hear, so most of it has been typed out, sworn at, and deleted.

Now, I'm going to get the fuck away from the jingoistic bullshit spewing from my coworker's radio before I perform a terrorist act of my own.

The unpleasant stuff I can't leave unsaid. ) - Live and learn. Or not. - Proud of our government, who wants -more- terrorist attacks, which it can use as an excuse to further fuck over freedom?
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Funnily enough, there was a cranky thread over on [ profile] metaquotes on this overnight, but NPR planted the seed for this earlier in the week.

The widespread panic (or "uncertainty" if you're an economist or a pussy) that has come in the aftermath of several mortgage investment funds/firms getting caught by their own bald avarice is actually pretty funny. Everyone talks about how well "the market" self-corrects and all that; what we're seeing here is a large-print edition of what that looks like.

Get a good fucking look. This is what happens when The Market takes the unscrupulous out behind the woodshed with Junior's Louisville Slugger and a roll of duct tape. Shit gets fucked up, because it had that fucking coming to it; had, can you dig this, been asking for it, by flaunting how edgy and high-risk (and high-reward, maybe) a fund it could cobble together and sucker somebody into buying.

It worked for the Pet Rock and Paris Hilton, it can work for sub-prime loan funds!

Greed and culpability make for a powerful tonic for stupidity.

But it's funny, listening to talking heads very narrowly pussyfoot around assigning blame - "It's the fault of Moody's and Standard & Poor's rating services, which gave these shitty instruments glowing marks! They told the banks that put them together exactly how many insect legs and rat testicles were safe in that pound of broccoli!"

There's well-deserved blame there, to be certain, but that is NOT where the shit needs to stop splattering.

How about those lenders who built the questionable instruments in the first place? Anybody believe they didn't know how sketchy these things were? You know when you're making a bucket of jungle punch when you've substituted Mr. Boston for Absolut, and shouldn't be surprised when somebody yarks in the linen closet or tells you the next afternoon about the army of pickaxe-wielding garden gnomes infesting their skull.

Greed and culpability make for a powerful tonic for stupidity.

But, going back even further (after all, we're sub-priming this pump from end to beginning); what about all those banks that made loans to folks with lower credit scores? Now, let me be clear - having a credit score over or under 650, or whatever the sub-prime threshold is, isn't the end-all, be-all determinant for somebody's ability to pay a mortgage... but in the interest of making a quick and easy buck, lenders stopped doing their due diligence - finding out if Mr. Homebuyer was actually making that $55k he claimed, or Ms. Homebuyer was hiding some student loans. Nope, they just wanted that signature on the dotted line so they could start earning interest on principal and escrow. "Why would they lie to us about their income and financial situation?"

Greed and culpability make for a powerful tonic for stupidity.

Adjustable-rate, interest-only, and the litany of other "entice you now, fuck you later" mortgages were just a symptom of this; the fact that they are made of fail is practically beside the point.

Which brings us to the folks getting the mortgages themselves - READ THE FUCKING PAPERWORK. This is the single biggest purchase in your life. Don't embellish your earnings and assets to compensate for having an undersized cock just so you can store it in an oversized foreclosure waiting to happen.

I've said it before, and I'll say it one last time:

Greed and culpability make for a powerful tonic for stupidity.
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Glenn Greenwald on the basic evil of the administration.

Go. Read.

Money shot:
"The dominant political movement in this country believes in that power [that the Executive is above the law] and has defended and exercised it. Mansfield's beliefs may be twisted and tyrannical and radical and profoundly un-American. But they are also the beliefs that have propelled our government for the last six years.

"But more so, one would hope that no response is really necessary, since most Americans -- outside of the authoritarian cult that has followed George W. Bush as Infallible War Leader -- instinctively understand that America does not recognize such a thing as a political official with the power of "one-man rule" that overrides the rule of law. That we are a nation of laws, not men, is so basic to our political identity that it should need no defense.

"And for those with any lingering doubts about how repugnant Mansfield's vision is to the defining American political principle, I would simply turn the floor over to the great American revolutionary Thomas Paine, writing in Common Sense:

Let a day be solemnly set apart for proclaiming the charter; let it be brought forth and placed on the divine law, the word of God; let a crown be placed thereon, by which the world may know [that so far as we approve of monarchy], that in America the law is king. For as in absolute governments the king is law, so in free countries the law ought to be king; and there ought to be no other."

Quoted for Motherfucking Truth.

As [ profile] jaylake asks, "Are you proud of your Republican party now?"
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Four years since "Mission Accomplished," and El Shrubbo used his pen to scrawl the very second red X on something of his administration.

I'm going to put on my extra-partisan hat here for a moment.


Mr. Pro-War President just cut the military off at the pocketbook, and NOBODY is calling him on it. They're blaming Congress. Guess what, fucksticks? CONGRESS PASSED THE BILL.

That's the Democrats' problem - they're too fucking nice. Light into him for "Not supporting the troops" by hanging them out to dry; under-equipped, with funding set to dry up in the next two months, when he could have done something about it.

This isn't even about the open-ended asshattery of the myriad evils; this is cut and fucking dried. For a guy who says he's behind our troops and the war, he just gave them all a big ol' "Fuck You" with that veto.

Somebody hold his dick to the fucking fire for it.

[This is why all politics is bullshit - the Democrats made a clever play to make the President be the bad guy, and now that he's gone and done so, NOBODY is standing up and saying "ZOMG, THERE IS A FUCKING ELEPHANT IN THE BEDROOM!" You laid the trap, he walked right fucking into it, now pull the fucking trigger and let's see some brain matter hit the fucking wall. Don't become the pussies the GOP knows you are, Dems. Harry Reid can't have -all- the balls in the party.]
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[C&P from the righteously and rightfully indignant [ profile] jaylake]
Washington Post on the myth of voter fraud.

The Republicans have perfected the Big Lie in my lifetime. Screaming voter fraud while engaging in wide scale voter suppression (Google the New Hampshire phone jamming scandal for an example of that if you don't know what I'm talking about), claiming the "fair and balanced" perspective through their highly partisan proxies at Fox (look up the biography of Fox news director Roger Ailes if you don't believe me), claiming the mantle of fiscal responsibility while shattering even Reagan's record at squandering money, deliberately fostering the idea of WMDs in Iraq in the face of all evidence before, during and after the invasion, claiming the mantle of good government while promoting cronyism and corruption an order of magnitude worse than recent administrations of either party.

Look at the cheat-and-retreat pattern of the Justice department's varying statements over the USA scandal in recent weeks. Tell a lie, get caught, tell another lie, get caught, tell another lie... If we'd had honest legislative or journalistic scrutiny of this administration all along, the Republican scam would have been painfully obvious to everyone, not just liberal cynics like me. Now the Bush administration is just trying to run out the clock until the news cycle moves on.

What makes someone remain a Republican today? Is it intellectual dishonesty? Cultivated ignorance? Wishful thinking? Or just the simple convinction that things really were worse under Clinton, with relative world peace, a budget surplus, jobs growth and a booming economy. I guess those blow jobs in the White House really do outweigh everything that's come since for 40+ million voters.

Are you still proud of your Republican party?
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Worst CGI wolf this side of Van Helsing.
Worst CGI blood effects, possibly ever.
All the subtlety and nuance of being sodomized with a tent peg.

See 300 if:
- you're into manflesh
- you don't know dick about history

It is, not to put too fine a point on it, poorly-done sword porn.

I'm looking forward to reading the graphic novel in hopes of enjoying it. I've liked everything else of Miller's that I've read so far.

Yeah... something like that.
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Money shot:

"Applying Gonzales's reasoning, one could argue that the First Amendment doesn't explicitly say Americans have the right to worship as they choose, speak as they wish or assemble peacefully. The amendment simply bars the government, i.e. Congress, from passing laws that would impinge on these rights."

These are the elected and oppointed officials, running and ruining this country; they don't merely hold the constitution and our freedoms in contempt, they view them as something to be abridged at the merest convenience.

When, exactly, are people going to wake the fuck up?
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Of course, the man's too big a fuckstick to hear sense, and needs to get more of an Old Yeller treatment than a mere backhanding in the mush.
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That's what our Iraq policy is. Shoving the administration's clueless schlong into the inward-facing maw of something that will take a very, very long and painful time to gnaw it off after uncomfortably digesting more than a little of it.

Having 15% more schlong isn't the answer.

Not sticking your dick into something that takes a thousand years to digest the foolish and stupid in the first place was the answer.

In slightly related news, even if the Sarlacc did take a thousand years to digest its victims, in the sandy wastes of Tattooine, most humanoid victims would succumb to dehydration and exposure within a week. So you'd suffer, but not endlessly. Not so for President Dumbfuck, who is more concerned about his fucking legacy than the lives of American soldiers, not to mention Iraqi personnel of both a military and civilan sort.
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Ann Coulter is so cute when she's a raging hypocrite..

No, wait... she's an emaciated harpy who needs to have her hands and tongue torn away before she is fed to fire ants.

Ann, news flash for ya. Your ilk made words like "liberal," "activist," "secular," and "progressive" epithets.

Have a nice big game of hide and go fuck yourself, on me.
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So, I'm supposed to have Verizon's FiOS service installed on Friday afternoon. I wanted to make sure that's what's going to happen. Let's watch to see what shitty impending-customer support looks like!

Original Problem
Subject: Re: Billing Help Request
Description: I have concerns about my installation appointment (# 0F9898882).

Follow-up Problem
Description: My concern is about the scheduling of the appointment for all three services.

When I initially set it up, for 11/25, I was given the option of an early morning, midday, or afternoon appointment.  Due to incompatibility with my soon-to-be-former telco service provider, that installation was scrubbed, and every effort I have made to reschedule it has generated a not-altogether-reassuring appointment window of 8am-5pm.

Why is it that my first appointment to arrange an initial setup allowed specific time frames, but rescheduling this same appointment does not?  I specifically requested an afternoon appointment, and would like to have some measure of assurance that the installation technician won't have to scrub my appointment because they show up outside of the time they are expected.

I have to say, the lack of clarity on this is not giving me a lot of confidence in my decision to switch to FiOS; I hope that you can allay these concerns, and that the installation goes smoothly on the afternoon of 12/8.

Their Reply:
Please use the information below to examine in detail the possible solutions to your issue.
Using Flash after having installed Windows XP Service Pack 2 - Troubleshooting
Windows XP Service Pack 2 is Microsoft's latest update for the Windows XP operating system. It contains a number of new patches, tools, and security improvements for users of Windows XP.
Installing and configuring a D-Link wireless notebook adapter - Home Networking
Steps to create an Actiontec wireless network with a FiOS connection Insert the wireless notebook adapter installation CD you received with your notebook adapter into your CD-ROM drive.
Install and configure the D-Link wireless notebook adapter - Home Networking
Steps to connect additional computers to an established Actiontec FiOS wireless home network Insert the wireless notebook adapter installation CD you received with your notebook adapter into your CD-ROM drive.
Installing and configuring a D-Link wireless notebook adapter - Home Networking
Steps to create a D-Link wireless home network Insert the wireless notebook adapter installation CD you received with your notebook adapter into your CD-ROM drive.
Setting up a Wireless Home Network with a D-Link router in Windows XP with Service Pack 2 - Home Networking
Steps to create a D-Link wireless home network The Wireless Network Setup Wizard is available only if you are using Windows XP and have installed Service Pack 2. To set up a wireless home network using the Wireless Network Setup Wizard:

If we did not provide you with a solution, you can reply to this email with a new description of your problem. Please do not change the subject of the email as we use this for tracking purposes.

Do you want to try another help option?

My reply:
Not only did your C&P responses not address my concerns about what time the installation technician will arrive, they lead me to believe that you didn't even read my previous email.

Color me deeply unimpressed.

Please take the time to answer my questions and concerns.
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