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So, my winning streak was ended at one; I got the polite rejection (with critical feedback) for one of my stories overnight. I'll say this - by working in the online flash fiction market, you don't languish in some slushpile for months at a time. :-)

In arguably more-and-less-real news than the fate of some stylish lies, a bunch of us finally got together and kicked some virtual butt for a couple hours last night.

Off to the massage therapist for me this afternoon; hopefully, that will put paid to a lot of the knots essentially holding my skeleton together, and help stave off the sinus infection that felled K earlier this week.

Long weekend will be spent doing very little. I hope.
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Guild (pending creation): Hooray, Death!
Server: Zul'jin
Faction: Horde

I will be creating my Undead Priest, Raafe, later this afternoon or evening.

This ends the shiny, happy portion of the announcement.

Here's the plan, as hashed out amongst several of us:

Hooray, Death! is intended, first and foremost, as a place for us to have fun playing with one another, as groups where everyone benefits. It's not going to be a place to power-level, or even to spend the majority of your WoW-playing time.

Put simply, HD is going to be an alt-fest, at least for much of the early going. If you want to put a lot of game time in, do it on another server with another character. (Most of us have mains and primary alts on Lothar and elsewhere - HD isn't intended to supplant that in any way, shape, or form.)

In practical terms, this means that when we play HD, we -all- try and play HD together, at the same level/quest group/etc. The intention is for us to rely on one another, not some higher-level outside agent, to reach goals (skill, level, or otherwise).

Power-leveling and/or racing ahead to higher levels is going to be vigorously frowned on, and, if a request to wait the fuck up is not honored, will get you punted, flat-out. Likewise, if you can't participate in a manner that allows you to keep up with the leisurely pace we anticipate things taking, "subtle" reminders will be employed (due to time constraints on some members, we really only expect to play a couple of hours every other week - 2-5pm Eastern time every other Saturday, or something like that.)

The rule of thumb, once things are under way and we've had a chance to put in a couple of hours (up around level 8-10), is that all HD members should be within 2 levels of myself/angelsil/krystalle (or the average of the three).

Yes, this is limiting in one respect, but also acts as a mechanism to keep everyone relatively close together, so that we can all help one another, since we'll all be within 5 levels of each other, top to bottom.

As far as gameplay, since the intent is to play together en masse as much as possible, groups should be formed to allow all guild members to cooperate on quests, rather than wandering off to solo. This represents probably the second biggest change for many of us (I am typically a solo player as well), but should help us all to a) progress steadily, and with a minimum of unintended Hooray, Death! drinking, b) enjoy the nuances of group tactics and mechanics, and c) get to hang out and socialize while killing stuff for fun and profit.

This goes hand-in-hand with the "don't race ahead" thing, since we'll all be working together on quests that will have XP value for all party members - and what would be cooler than all five party members slaying some boss creature and leveling up simultaneously?

Yes, this isn't your average guild. We swear. We drink. We swear while drinking, and drink while swearing.

Just remember: you die, you let everyone know, and we all toast your (un)timely demise.

Hooray, Death!
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"I can't believe you did that. We're gonna get kicked."
"You can't k-line someone here. Relax."
"That was still shitty. And it wasn't even something we wanted!"
"So what? That bitch was pretty funny, going off about how it was for her boyfriend."
"If it was even a girl."
"Exactly. Everyone lies here. I just lied about loot."
"Would you stop being such a wuss? It's not like you don't spend the money we get anyways."
"I guess. Too bad you can't hawk it to other players. They'd probably pay better."
"Yeah, but this way, it's not like their friends can find us hawking."
"There is that, but it's going to be hard to group to get the stuff we need if you keep pissing everybody off."
"Oh, shit."
"I'm getting... crap, dead."
"You going to pay the angel to res you?"
"A couple of 'em are staying by the body, so I guess I'll take the hit."
"I'll start looking for a new group."
"What happened?"
"They camped the angel."
"Dude, that's not cool."
"No shit."
"What are you gonna do?"
"Quit, I guess. Wait, they're leaving; some other players are after them."
"I'm back up, on my - FUCK!"
"What happened?"
"They whacked me again! Everyone's just standing around."
"The guard channel just lit up - telling people not to attack them. You're fucked, dude."
"I can't believe they're letting them camp the angel just to kill me."
"Well, you were being an asshole with their loot."
"You know what? Fuck you, too."

Kids, friends don't let friends ninja loot.
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