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FFF calls for Dean to remain close to the BAMM track[1] as far as it goes, and to continue northwest until curving north, making landfall by grazing the NC coast before giving those assholes in Washington the long, sloppy, wet blowjob that would have gotten them out of office so much sooner than their current asshattery.

Expect breathless media coverage and dramatic visuals before Dean hooks back out over the Atlantic, giving the northeast seaboard a good rinse.

Tonight's forecast for GMBAN calls for continued subtlety and tact, with scattered snark.

[1] The BAMM track as of 2pm 8/14/07, not the revised one - where it started hooking north in time to run over Puerto Rico as a Cat 2. We here at FFF HQ stand by our "way fuckin' early" track predictions/projections, none of this "revise it every three hours" shit for us.
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No graphics, posting from [ profile] aishlynn's parents' place.

Ernesto will track over the west end of Jamaica as a TS/Cat1, then move on into the GoM, heading for Corpus Christi, before curving towards the north and making eventual landfall (strengthening over the GoM to Cat3), but weakening slightly to make landfall around Gulfport MS as a Cat2, then soaking the hell out of MS, AL, & GA. Much more of a rain event than a wind event.
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I'm not going to lay down my own curve on this one, just shift the BAM Medium (yellow line) west a hair towards the NOGAPS track, and lose the hook at the end.

Sounds like the Jersey Contingent need the rain and wind anyways.


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