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Okay. Seems like folks are starting to trickle onto the new server [fie on your clever naming conventions, and don't be surprised if Effoaydee shows up ;-) ].

The logistics of everyone grouping from level 1 are, let's face it, impossible. To that end, we're trying to coordinate a relatively coherent approach to getting everyone together somewhere that will be non-leathal to reach alone, or in a small group.

Right now, it's looking like the scenic wastes south of Orgrimmar (Durotar, Razor Hill, Crossroads) . . . which, conveniently enough for the Undead contingent on Kalimdor, is where the zeppelin tower is.

The plan is, a week from next Thursday (10/27), we'll all try to meet up at the Gates of Orgrimmar, and everyone should be around level 8-10. If you want to get there ahead of time and chill out in Orgrimmar to build up some Rested bonus, or play the auction house, or develop tradeskills, that's fine; just try not to be above level 10.

This should allow everyone to get a feel for their new character, as well as build up a small cash reserve and earn a decent amount of faction reputation in their homeland, as well as put us in a position where we can all share the same quests.

If you notice that someone else from the group is on (I'll be posting a roster of the characters I'm aware of later this afternoon), teaming up with them is encouraged if they're in your vicinity.

I will see about setting up both an LJ community and Yahoo Group to try and facilitate conversation and discussion, at least until I can figure out something better.

If anyone has suggestions for modifications to this plan (both for gameplay or outside communication), please email me at hooray.death @

Hooray, Death!
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